Colony at Heron Reserve Back Gate


Dear Colony at Heron Owners:

Among the community projects scheduled for the coming weeks are improvements at the back gate. The gate itself will be repaired to allow for better access and ease of movement. It will also be painted and primed and wheels added to the gate.

Please remember that a key to the gate can be checked out any time at the CMG office. Trucks should always use this back entrance to avoid running over the curb and damaging the irrigation or flower beds.

Also, the trees at the back gate will be clear cut out to 10′ from the roadway. This is to cut it back and thin it out to prevent the overgrowth on to the road. It will look a little rough for a few weeks, but certainly will green back out very quickly.

Hope you are enjoying the summer and please feel free to contact CMG with any questions you may have. You can reach your support team at or 843-795-8484.

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