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Councilman Ron Brinson    April 24, 2018

Joseph  Pye  Elementary Honored  –  Congratulations to the faculty and administrators – and the parents of students –  at Joseph Pye Elementary School,  one of two elementary schools in South Carolina to be named “PALMETTO’S FINEST.”   The S.C. Association of School Administrators’ awards are presented to schools that offer the best in innovative and productive programs, after extensive evaluations by fellow educators and previous award winners.  This is a major statewide award, for sure. Congratulations, too, to the students – and the Dorchester District 2 School Board.   The quality of public schools in our neighborhoods is clearly a factor in the high livability ratings for our North Charleston-Dorchester County community.

As I reported in previous newsletters, a special study of school year traffic flows on Patriot Boulevard, where the Pye school, McKewn and Coosaw Preserve subdivisions intersect, is being finalized.  The immediate recommendations are for expanding lane capacities and regulating turns at peak hours. This will be an incremental approach to smoothing out the morning rush-hour.  We continue to work toward widening Patriot Boulevard to Palmetto Commerce Parkway, with Dorchester County’s assistance. When that happens, signalization of these intersections will be planned.

We continue to work to convince the developer to complete the final increment of the connection of Weber Boulevard from Patriot to Palmetto Commerce. The original timetable is completion in mid-2020. We hope to convince the developer to get it done – now!

AYSCOUGH ROAD REPAIRS – The snow storm laid unrepairable waste to sections of this road. With the mayor’s help, we’ve rounded up resources to do some “emergency” restoration. Work should begin soon. A section of Oak Forest Boulevard – in District 9— also will be repaired in this program. I’ve also asked for additional “pot hole” repair services throughout the Wescott complex.

AQUATICS CENTER PROJECT UPDATE – This highly anticipated project became a special challenge when the bids came in at almost $2 million over budget.  Working closely with the mayor and his staff, we have formulated a special supplemental funding for several projects, including this one. This was approved at last week’s Finance Committee meeting. If all goes well, the project will be given final approval in mid-May. The first work increment will be a new roadway connecting Patriot Boulevard with the Fort Dorchester High School campus, which should help noticeably with the morning traffic congestion of the school year. The goal is to have this road open by the beginning of the next school year in August.


After nearly a year of study, the city on July 1 will initiate a controlled out-sourcing of such services for its residents in Dorchester County. Carolina Waste is the contractor. (No, this is not the problematic company that brought failure to Summerville’s privatized sanitation operations.)  Pickup days will likely be altered in most neighborhoods, and the company will replace city receptacles with its.  There will be communications aplenty leading up to this and a hotline for residents to report problems. The city is pledged to monitor closely the performance from its beginning.  A similar program by the City of Charleston for its neighborhoods outside Interstate 526 has been very successful.  This new approach will not include immediate resumption of curbside recycling because the city cannot get assurances that recyclables are in fact being “recycled” and not deposited in a landfill.  Mayor Summey continues to look for creative approaches to recycling.  He has even asked Charleston County to help our city’s Dorchester County residents. Please know all of us at City Hall continue to look for ways to resume curbside recycling – and that the city will assure that the new outsourcing approach to garbage and trash pickup works effectively.

REZONING PROPOSAL, WESCOTT BOULEVARD AT PATRIOT – D.R. Horton owns this corner and wants to change zoning so that it can build three of its “Sunrise Townhome” units.  This is a District 9 issue and should be before Council next month. One of my concerns is how the Horton folks failed to provide for the parking enhancements they promised in the last townhome development across from The Farm at Wescott amenities center.

NOTHING NEW ON KRISPY KREME’S PLANS – But a Post and Courier update declared the project was “still cooking.”  Here’s the link of the update on a very popular project in our community:

ARTS FESTIVAL BEGINS NEXT WEEK – Block parties, boat cruises, performances – it’s art- art- everywhere! This Festival – May 2-6 — offers a variety of citywide activities, fun and entertaining for families.  Here is a link for details:

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