Friendly reminder for JOTA

 In Jericho on the Ashley

Attention Jericho Owners,

Per the previous announcement from the Association, The Association will begin to monitor parking in the community. Every homeowner will receive a sticker for every vehicle once CMG receives the filled out form and requested information. There should be one form filled out for every vehicle you intend to request a decal for.   The trash can decals will be arriving soon, so please let CMG know.

Please keep in mind, you have until February, 15th for parking and trash can decals.

Please see the Rules and Regulations as well as the forms for the parking decals and guest passes on the webpage above. 

Homeowners have the option to mail the form, email the form, or come into our office and fill the form out. 

The parking decals are to be placed inside the vehicle on the upper or lower driver-side back windshield.  

If you rent your unit, please be sure these decals are given to your tenants. 

If you have any questions, please email or call 843-795-8484.


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