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Mossy Creek Governing Documents OCR (Per the Documents, “Mossey Creek”)
Recorded Bylaws
Mossy Creek Rules and Regulations
Community Plat
Mossy Creek ARB Form


3rd Quarter Newsletter

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Manager Information and Real-Time Updates:

  • Happy 2015 December 31st, 2014: On behalf of your Association, we wish you a bright and happy New Year that brings many blessings. CMG looks forward to serving you and will be happy to answer any questions or assist with any Association matters you may have. Please feel free to reach out to your Association office at 843-795-8484 or Wishing you all ... Read more about this.
  • Happy Holidays December 16th, 2014: On behalf of your community Board of Directors and CMG, we would like to wish you a very happy holiday season filled with laughter and love. This is an excellent time to meet your neighbors and bring some cheer in your community. Please have a safe and happy season and, as always, we are here ... Read more about this.
  • National Safety Council Holiday Tips December 02nd, 2014: The National Safety Council offers these suggestions to help make your holiday season safe. Toys and Gifts Be especially careful when you choose toys for infants or small children. Avoid toys with small parts that can be pulled or broken off or prove a choking hazard. Be aware of dangers associated with coin lithium batteries Fireplaces Don’t burn trees, wreaths ... Read more about this.
  • Hanahan Red White and Blue Festival November 10th, 2014: CALLING ALL VOLUNTEERS! We need volunteers on Saturday, November 15 at the Hanahan Ampitheater, to help in our Keep Hanahan Beautiful Booth during the RED, WHITE AND BLUE FESTIVAL! Come to volunteer for awhile and stay to enjoy the festivities before or after! Sign up for Hanahan Fall Festival ( ) on @VolunteerSpot today! You ... Read more about this.
  • Tax Exempt Weekend August 01st, 2014: Take advantage of the tax free weekend this weekend for back to school supplies. A full list of the exempt items can be found on the SC department of revenue website but many of the items are listed below, courtesy of Live 5 News. FULL LIST OF EXEMPT AND NON-EXEMPT ITEMS: Pursuant to Code Section 12-36-2120(57), the ... Read more about this.
  • Summer Sun Protection from CDC July 08th, 2014: Don’t Get Burned! Summer Sun Safety Tips t want to be outside, sunbathing, swimming, playing catch on the beach or just barbequing in the backyard? While summer re not getting too much of a good thing.  Avoid consequences of overexposure to the sun like sunburns, premature aging of the skin, wrinkling, and skin cancer, including melanoma by practicing proper sun protection. The hours between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. daylight savings time (9 a.m. to 3 p.m. standard time) are the most hazardous for UV exposure in the continental United States. UV rays are the greatest during the late spring and early summer in North America. CDC recommends easy options for sun protection:  Sunscreen •  Use sunscreen with sun protective factor  (SPF) 15 or higher, and both UVA and UVB  protection. •  Sunscreen wears off. Put it on again if you  stay out in the sun for more than two hours, and after you swim or do things that make you sweat. •  Check the sunscreen’s expiration date.  Sunscreen without an expiration date has a shelf life of no more than three years, but its shelf life is shorter if it has been exposed to high temperatures.  Clothing •  Wear clothing to protect exposed skin.  •  Loose-fitting long-sleeved shirts and long  pants made from tightly woven fabric offer the best protection from the sun’s UV rays. A wet T-shirt offers much less UV protection than a dry one. Darker colors may offer more protection than lighter colors. •  If wearing this type of clothing isn’t  practical, at least try to wear a T-shirt or a beach cover-up. Keep in mind that a typical T-shirt has an SPF rating lower than 15, so use other types of protection as well.  Hats •  Wear a hat with a wide brim to shade the  face, head, ears, and neck. •  For the most protection, wear a hat with a  brim all the way around that shades your face, ears, and the back of your neck. A tightly woven fabric, such as canvas, works best to protect your skin from UV rays. Avoid straw hats with holes that let sunlight through. A darker hat may offer more UV protection. •  If you wear a baseball cap, you should also  protect your ears and the back of your neck by wearing clothing that covers those areas, using sunscreen with at least SPF 15, or by staying in the shade.  Sunglasses •  Sunglasses protect your eyes from UV rays  and reduce the risk of cataracts. They also protect the tender skin around your eyes from sun exposure. •  Wear sunglasses that wrap around and  block as close to 100% of both UVA and UVB rays as possible. •  Sunglasses that block both UVA and UVB  rays offer the best protection. Most sunglasses sold in the United States, regardless of cost, meet this standard.  Shade •  Seek shade, especially during midday hours.  •  You can reduce your risk of skin damage  and skin cancer by seeking shade under an umbrella, tree, or other shelter before you need relief from the sun. Your best bet to protect your skin is to use sunscreen or wear protective clothing when you’re outside—even when you’re in the shade.  For more information, please visit the CDC website.   Read more about this.
  • Hurricane Season June 05th, 2014: Before the Storm Check into flood insurance. You can find out about the National Flood Insurance Program through your home insurance agent. There is normally a 30-day waiting period before a new flood insurance policy becomes effective for an existing residence. Homeowner policies do not cover damage from the flooding that accompanies a hurricane. Develop an emergency communication ... Read more about this.
  • Happy Memorial Day May 23rd, 2014: We remember those that made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and honor the memory of those that have served. Read more about this.
  • Spring Improvement Projects March 25th, 2014: Happy Spring! While you are considering your spring projects, please take a look at some great ideas for easy and efficient home improvements that are a bit “out of the box”. Which one is your favorite? I love #1, #13, and #16. Please feel free to share any of your ideas or accomplishments and you may win a ... Read more about this.
  • Mossey Annual Meeting Feb 20 February 06th, 2014: The Mossey Creek Property Owners Association Annual Members’ Meeting has been rescheduled and will be held on Thursday, February 20, 2014 at the Hanahan Fire Station at Tanner Plantation.  The meeting will begin promptly at 7:00 p.m. and all are encouraged to attend. The purpose for conducting the Annual Meeting is to comply with the requirements ... Read more about this.
  • Mossey Creek Annual Meeting Cancelled January 29th, 2014: Dear Mossey Creek Property Owner: Please be advised that the Mossey Creek Annual Meeting scheduled for this evening, January 29 has been cancelled due to inclement weather. A new notice will be sent out once the meeting date has been scheduled. I appreciate your understanding and desire to keep everyone safe and off of the roads. Have a ... Read more about this.
  • Winter Storm Preparations January 27th, 2014: As a winter storm approaches and a weather advisory has been issued, please be sure you are prepared. Below are some tips from the FEMA website along with two links to some very important storm prep information. Stock up and stay home if possible. Dripping your pipes is advised to prevent freezing, and driving will be ... Read more about this.
  • New Year Savings Resolutions January 14th, 2014: With the new year comes new resolutions, and saving money is always welcome! The link below gives you some ideas for saving money on home expenses and I thought you would enjoy. Happy New Year!! Read more about this.
  • Holiday tips to keep your dog safe December 02nd, 2013: Hounds for the Holidays! Holiday times can be joyful or a source of stress for all of us, and that goes for your dogs, too! With some advanced planning and a little training, you can make things more festive and fun for Fido and less stressful for you! Things to Keep in Mind Throughout the Holiday Seasons Dogs can ... Read more about this.
  • Holiday Crime Prevention from CPD December 02nd, 2013: The Charleston Police Department has sent out a holiday checklist for preventing theft this holiday season. If you see ANYTHING suspicious, call the police immediately. Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season! If you are going away for the holidays, make sure to review this checklist before you leave your home- even if you are just going ... Read more about this.

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