Public Dumping In Streets, Storm Drains & Wetlands Prohibited In Berkeley County

 In Spring Grove Plantation

Attention Spring Grove Residents:

Berkeley County Stormwater Division has advised they have received numerous reports of residents dumping misc. waste, trash and yard debris into streets, storm drains and wetlands throughout the community. County officials have witnessed this while onsite as well. Please be aware that public dumping is prohibited within Berkeley County per Municipal Code Section 65-1033.

Berkeley County has advised that fines will be levied against any resident in violation of this local ordinance.

Below is the link to the Muni Codes for Berkeley County as well as the section explaining waste disposal prohibitions:

Sec. 65-1033. – Waste disposal prohibitions

No person shall throw, deposit, leave, maintain, keep, or permit to be thrown, deposited, left, or maintained, in or upon any public or private property, driveway, parking area, street, alley, sidewalk, component of the storm drain system, or waters of the state, any refuse, rubbish, garbage, litter, pet fecal matter, or other discarded or abandoned objects, articles, and accumulations, so that the same may cause or contribute to pollution. Yard debris, including natural foliage, may be deposited in the public right-of-way but not in or on any stormwater conveyance structures, including inlets and gutters, but only if a collection service is available. Wastes in proper waste receptacles may be placed in the street for collection, but again only if collection by or through Berkeley County is in place. No waste or yard debris shall be placed in the street without such a collection service.

(Ord. No. 14-11-36, § 4.3, 11-24-2014)

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