Radcliffe Place Pet Waste Notice


Dear Radcliffe Place Homeowners:

We are proud to be a pet-friendly community that offers a clean and comfortable living environment for everyone – and their pets – to call home. After all, we understand that sometimes your pets feel more like family, well, than family!

Roughly 40% of our homeowners have pets, including dogs. To maintain our landscaping and cleanliness of our grassy areas, we have pet-waste stations stocked with bags through our community.

For those of you who consistently clean up after your pet, thank you. On behalf of your fellow homeowners and Radcliffe Place, we appreciate your consideration and responsibility. However; others in our community neglect to pick up after their pets. And it’s a trend that is getting worse.

Every day, our service teams are deployed to clean up pet waste that is left throughout our community.

In that spirit, we need your help.

Working together, we not only maintain the quality of the living environment at Radcliffe Place, but we ensure our service teams are available for what they do best: servicing your community to make sure everything is in perfect working order. Here’s how you can pitch in:

  • If you don’t already, please utilize our pet waste station or your own supplies when walking your pet on community grounds. Out of supplies? Call Community Management Group for a fresh supply of pet waste bags.
  • If you see a pet-owner who does not pick up after their dog, please alert Community Management Group so we can follow up with that homeowner.

Additionally, another homeowner concern that has been expressed is that certain individuals allow their dogs to be off the leash and the unleashed dogs jumping on other homeowners and/or other pets.   As a reminder, pets should be on a leash at all time.

Again, thanks to our pet owners who clean up after their pets. Should you have questions, please call us at 843-795-8484 as always, we’re here to help!

Thank you,

Zarian Breland

Administrative Coordinator

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