Why do so many homeowners buy their home in a community Association? 


Purchasers make a decision to buy into a lifestyle and surroundings which include many things outside the home itself, encompassing everything from the subdivision entries, the recreation/amenity center, to the general condition of all the other homes in the neighborhood. They purchased with an expectation that their property and those in their community would be protected by deed restrictions and maintained to a certain reasonable standard.

It is the Homeowners Association that serves the purpose of keeping your neighborhood to the standard of living to which you and all owners purchased at the time of your closing. This includes maintenance of your common areas and grounds and enforcement of community rules.

It’s not always a simple thing either for your resident Board of Directors or those owners on the receiving end of requests to come into compliance. Your management company is here to help. We’re a communications intermediary and we’ll do whatever we can to grant you time for your work, provide ideas or facilitate your applications for modifications to your property.


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