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Manager Information and Real-Time Updates:

  • Hurricane Irma September 06th, 2017:
    Good Afternoon Ashley River Commons Residents With the anticipation of Irma possibly visiting the Low Country, the Association wanted to mention a few items to keep in mind – hopefully these measures will not be needed. It will be important for all residents to secure all outside items on the decks, patios and fronts of all units. ...
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  • FEMA suggested emergency kit information September 06th, 2017:
    With Hurricane Irma in the forefront of everyone’s mind, below is a list of recommended items to included in a basic emergency supply kit.  This list is supplied by FEMA. Water, one gallon of water per person per day for at least three days, for drinking and sanitation Food, at least a three-day supply of non-perishable food Battery-powered or ...
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  • Pet Owner Responsibilities August 30th, 2017:
    As a reminder, while dogs can make wonderful companions, they unfortunately are also one of the pets most widely complained against. Dog owners can avoid having their pets become a nuisance through proper care and supervision. LEASHES – While owners may derive great joy from their dogs, it is important to consider those that do not ...
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  • Landscapers and Rain August 10th, 2017:
    With the large amounts of rain received these past few weeks, the turf maintenance has been disrupted for the Community. The Association is working with the landscape crews to see all areas are maintained as soon as possible. Turf will not be cut if there is a chance of causing ruts in the ground.  Once ...
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  • Glass at the pool August 01st, 2017:
    Just a reminder to owners who visit the pool – Glass items are prohibited inside the pool gate.  Please assist the River Club and comply with this requirement to insure everyone’s safety at the facility.  Thank you.
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  • Citibot July 20th, 2017:
    THE CITY OF NORTH CHARLESTON LAUNCHES CITIBOT, AMERICA’S FIRST TEXT MESSAGING SOFTWARE SYSTEM FOR CIVIC ENGAGEMENT WITH GOVERNMENT  NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. – The City of North Charleston is the first city in the country to launch Citibot, America’s first interactive text messaging and customer service software system for civic engagement with government. Citibot is a communication tool for citizens and ...
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  • 4th of July Safety Tips June 27th, 2017:
    National Council on Fireworks Safety Encourages Safe and Fun Fourth of July Celebrations, here are a few of their reminders: 1.      Obey all local laws regarding the use of fireworks. 2.      Know your fireworks; read the cautionary labels and performance descriptions before igniting. 3.      A responsible adult should supervise all firework activities.  Never give fireworks to children. 4.      Alcohol ...
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  • Termite Reminder June 09th, 2017:
    Homeowners There have been numerous reports of swarming termites throughout the Lowcountry.  Please be alert and should you see termites at your residence,  immediately contact the Association and we in turn will have the  Termite Contractor out to assess the situation at your home.
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  • How to Be Safe Around Alligators May 26th, 2017:
    Alligators are indigenous to South Carolina, their presence in the Lowcountry is constant – even when not seen basking in the sun on pond banks within your community.  Although alligators are no longer listed as a federally endangered species, their status has been upgraded to threatened due to its similarity of appearance to the threatened ...
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  • Passage of Amendment March 03rd, 2017:
    The recent proposed amendment has received over 67% approval and soon will be recorded with the County to become a permanent addition to the governing documents.  Thank you to all of those who returned their written consent forms!
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  • Annual Meeting Save the Date January 16th, 2017:
    The 2017 Ashley River Commons Annual Meeting has been scheduled for February 21, 2017.  Please make note of this date, official notification will be mailed soon.  Thank you!
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  • Christmas Tree Recycling December 28th, 2016:
    The City of Charleston will pick up all Christmas trees that are set out with the trash for your normal pickup day. For other areas in the Lowcountry you can take your trees to your local convenience centers to be taken to local landfills. Here’s the link to find you the local convenience centers for Charleston County.
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  • River Club Pool Update October 06th, 2016:
    Good Morning Owners, Yesterday a meeting with the new River Club pool contractor was held.  Information on the course of action to return the pool to a usable state was discussed with representatives from Jericho and Ashley River Commons. The vendor plans to complete the project by February 2017 well in time for the 2017 pool ...
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  • Pet Waste September 20th, 2016:
    Just a reminder to be a courteous pet owner when walking your dog.  Please remember it is your responsibility to pick up your pets waste.  As the weather is beginning to cool down a bit, there will be more and more children playing outside and in the common areas.  Let’s keep the green area’s clean ...
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  • Landscape Services September 16th, 2016:
    Just a quick heads up concerning the landscape service in many areas of the community this week.  Due to the recent rains, many areas are too wet to cut without causing damage to the turf leaving very unattractive ruts.  The Association is aware and working the landscapers to re-schedule service to all affected areas once ...
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