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Manager Information and Real-Time Updates:

  • ARB Approval Required Prior To Initiating Any Exterior Modification November 11th, 2020:
    As a reminder to all residents: Any modifications to your house, roof, major landscaping, etc., must be approved in advance by the Architectural Review Board (ARB). This also includes backup generators and HVAC units that are visible from the street (both of which must be screened). Also, the removal of trees larger than six inches ...
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  • NOAA Hurricane Safety Information August 03rd, 2020:
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  • Neighborhood News Special Bulletin August 03rd, 2020:
    Update: City of Charleston August 2 Tropical Storm Isaias Update The email below contains an updated list of sandbag pick-up locations. Update: In response to this evening’s update from the National Weather Service forecasting 2-4 feet of storm surge tomorrow night related to Tropical Storm Isaias, the city has added an additional Peninsula sandbag pick-up location at the ...
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  • APPOA: City of Charleston Trash & Yard Waste Collection July 14th, 2020: Trash & Yard Waste Collection Garbage collection (items inside of green carts) will continue on schedule. Citizens are reminded that cardboard and other items that are not inside the green garbage cart will not be collected for the safety of the crews. This change is consistent with Charleston County and other area municipalities in an effort ...
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  • City of Charleston Coronavirus April 22 Update April 23rd, 2020:
    This evening, in response to Governor Henry McMaster’s Executive Order reopening some retail businesses previously determined to be non-essential, Charleston City Council passed an emergency ordinance on decreasing the risk of exposure to COVID- 19 in retail businesses.The ordinance imposes a rigorous set of health and safety requirements on all retail businesses that are open ...
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  • APPOA: City Requirements for Yard Debris Pickup April 21st, 2020:
    Attention APPOA Residents, The City of Charleston has advised yard debris must be located at a residence in order for pickup by Carolina Waste. This has been a long standing rule and also prevents illegal dumping. Please be sure to place yard debris along the curb in front of your residence in order for it to ...
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  • Charleston City Council Amends ‘Stay at Home’ Ordinance to Add Governor’s Most Recent Orders April 02nd, 2020:
    April 1 2020 Tonight, during an emergency meeting, Charleston City Council amended the city’s “Stay at Home” Ordinance to add Governor Henry McMaster’s most recent orders regarding the closure of “non-essential” businesses, venues, facilities, services, and activities; the requirement that out-of-state visitors from coronavirus “hotspots” self-quarantine and the closure of all public beaches, piers, docks, wharfs, ...
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  • Let There Be Light – Wednesday, April 1 @ 7pm April 01st, 2020:
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  • City of Charleston March 30 Coronavirus AM Update March 30th, 2020:
    The city of Charleston continues to operate at OPCON 1 and the city’s Stay at Home ordinance remains in effect with non-essential businesses closed citywide. Over the weekend, Charleston Police Department continued their policy of measured enforcement of the say at home ordinance, informing citizens about the law and reiterating that parks, public spaces and non-essential businesses are ...
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  • City of Charleston March 26 Coronavirus Update March 27th, 2020:
    The city of Charleston continues to operate at OPCON 1 with the stay at home ordinance in effect and non-essential businesses closed citywide. The Community Development Committee and Charleston City Council met today and approved an emergency ordinance to reallocate $40,000 in Community Development Block Grant funding to provide public services and temporary living quarters for those who are ...
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  • City of Charleston Releases Further Guidance on ‘Stay at Home’ Ordinance March 26th, 2020:
    In response to the stay at home ordinance passed by Charleston City Council last night, the city has received a number of questions regarding the closure of non-essential businesses. In order to provide guidance, the city’s Legal Department has released a sample list of businesses that would be considered nonessential under the emergency ordinance. The list includes, ...
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  • Mayor Tecklenburg’s Coronavirus Press Conference Remarks, March 24 March 24th, 2020:
    Neighborhood NewsSpecial Bulletin Mayor Tecklenburg’s Coronavirus Press Conference Remarks, March 24 Today, at a 2:30 p.m. press conference, Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg gave the following remarks regarding the city’s continued efforts to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19: Good afternoon. For the past several weeks, governments and residents across our state have been working to slow the onset ...
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  • Statement from Mayor Tecklenburg on City’s Coronavirus Response March 23rd, 2020:
    Neighborhood NewsSpecial Bulletin Statement from Mayor Tecklenburg on City’s Coronavirus Response At a press conference today, Mayor John Tecklenburg made the following statement on the city’s efforts related to COVID-19: Since the threat of the coronavirus first became clear in China and later in Europe, the city of Charleston has taken a number of steps to prepare and ...
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  • Bulk Trash and Yard Debris Pickup Suspended per City of Charleston March 23rd, 2020:
    The City of Charleston has suspended the pick up of yard waste and bulk trash items until further notice.  Regular household trash pickup for green roll carts will continue on the normal schedule. Please remove yard waste and bulk items from the curb until normal pickup has resumed. Thank you!
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  • City of Charleston Coronavirus March 19 PM Update March 18th, 2020:
    Neighborhood NewsSpecial Bulletin City of Charleston Coronavirus March 19 PM Update Tonight, at an emergency meeting, Charleston City Council voted to amend the city’s emergency ordinance regarding gatherings to align with Governor Henry McMaster’s guidelines for bars and restaurants and to limit social gatherings to no more than 10 people, in accordance with current CDC guidelines. ...
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