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PO Box 1207
mmerce, GA 30529

Any payment mailed to the Charleston address will be forwarded to the bank’s lock box adding at least 3 days of processing time which could result in late penalties on your account.

Step One: Register your online account.
You will need an email address to register your online account.  The system will email you a case-sensitive password to be used the first time you log in. You should then change your temporary password to one that is meaningful to you.  Entering your account number will expedite the process.

Step Two: Choose your payment method.

Option One: Online Payments
    Log in to your account to set up one-time or recurring payments through the online system.

Option Two: eCheck
    Log in to your account  to set up payments through your bank’s online payment feature. Be sure when setting this up that you include your account number.

Option Three: Credit or Debit Card
    American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Debit payments may be made online. Your Association’s Bank charges a processing fee for cards.

Option Four: Automatic Withdrawal by ACH
    Make check payable to your association, NOT Community Management Group.  Be sure to include your account number on your check and send with your payment coupon.
All other correspondence should be mailed to the Charleston address.

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