BEAUMONT NEWS – June 25, 2018

 In Beaumont

Swimming Pool Temporarily Closed until Wednesday, June 27th
• DHEC made an inspection round this afternoon.
• The chemicals are just right, but the inspector discovered that the mandated emergency phone line in the bath house has stopped working.
• We have asked AT&T to fix this immediately.
• The soonest they can get to us is this Wednesday between 12:00 and 4:00 PM.

Administration Charge for Late Regime Payments
• Please be advised that if your check does not arrive at the Commerce, GA processing center by the 15th of the month, you will be fined a $35 delinquent fee.
• In addition, if CMG’s Accounting Office must process a late fee, they will charge an additional $15 for an administration fee.
• Please avoid fees by ensuring that you or your bank sends your check so that it will arrive in time.

Change to Rules & Regulations
At the June 19th Board meeting, the Board voted to allow hot tubs in the neighborhood provided that their owners abide by the following rules:
A. No hot tub shall be installed or moved without the prior written approval of the HOA Board.
B. No assurances of approval can be assumed.
C. Upon Board approval, the owner must procure a hot tub permit from the Town of Mt. Pleasant prior to installation. A copy of the approved permit must be provided to the Board.
D. No hot tub may be attached to the building and should be at least 12 inches from the building.
E. No hot tub may block access in and out of the gate.
F. No bright lights may be used.
G. All HOA rules and the Mt. Pleasant noise ordinance regarding respecting neighbors’ peace by maintaining low noise levels apply.
H. The unit owner shall be solely responsible for any and all damages and liabilities resulting from the operation and use of a hot tub.

• A million thanks for your cooperation!
• No trash was left out for the entire week last week!
• Please keep up the good work of holding onto your trash and/or landscaping bags and debris until Monday afternoon or evening, then placing them in front of the dumpster. (Yard debris to the left; other stuff to the right.)
• Exceptions: TV’s, computer monitors, and cardboard boxes.

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