Briarwood Management Update

 In Briarwood

Dear Briarwood Homeowner,

We are pleased to announce that your Board of Directors has selected a new Management Company, Community Management Group to manage your Homeowners Association. We appreciate your Board’s confidence in us and
we look forward to serving your community.

We have been in the Charleston area managing communities exclusively for many years. We have a staff of 40 people and manage over 100 communities in the Charleston tri-county area. We do no rentals and leasing –we are specialists in caring for communities.
Our role will include many duties from regular site visits for management of vendors and Covenants compliance to handling financial matters and accounting for the Board, as well as assisting your Board in supporting your community’s self-governance. We will work to enhance communications as well.

We are working to make this transition simple and positive. Governing Documents are available in a text-searchable format online. For Assessment payments, there are options including credit card and free direct debit available via our website,

Please visit and share your email address so that the Association can
hold down postage and keep you better informed!

Your Board is presently working to achieve a balanced budget for 2014, making every effort to contain costs and catch up owner delinquencies. Your Board has re-affirmed their enhanced collections effort for delinquent Assessments as well as holding homeowners accountable to the rules and regulations! Please note that your Governing Documents for the Association provide for application of late fees and costs of collection for any payments received after January 30.

Community Management Group utilizes a team management approach. You can contact the Association with any questions or concerns, or call 843-795-8484. Anyone on our team can assist you! Please note: the Gmail address is being phased out.
We at Community Management Group are very pleased to be associated with Briarwood Plantation! Please stay in touch and let us know how our management family can help yours!


Lynnette Nester
Community Manager
Community Management Group

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