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The 2020 pool season ends on October 31st

Pool keys – The first buyers of a property are sent one key/access device by The Bridges of Summerville POA. Resale pool keys and cards must convey at Closing.  If any card is lost or stolen, a replacement is available for $40.00 payable to The Bridges of Summerville. Please follow this link to order a replacement amenity key. Please note that only 1 key is permitted to be activated per household.

Bridges of Summerville Recorded CCRs
Bridges of Summerville Recorded Bylaws
ARC Application Form
ARC Guidelines and Procedures
Pool Key Fob Request Forms
Pool Party Area Reservation and Lease
Solar Panel Guidelines
Playground Inspection 2018
Frequently Asked Questions

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Bridges of Summerville Most Recent Annual Meeting Minutes

Manager Information and Real-Time Updates:

  • NOAA Hurricane Safety Information August 03rd, 2020:
    Read more about this.
  • Let There Be Light – Wednesday, April 1 @ 7pm April 01st, 2020:
    Read more about this.
  • Charleston County EOC Hurricane Guide September 04th, 2019:
    Good Morning! Below is a link to the Charleston County EOC Hurricane Guide that includes helpful information to ensure you are prepared for a major storm. chas-co-eoc-hurricane-guide Stay Safe!
    Read more about this.
  • NOAA Hurricane Safety Information September 03rd, 2019:
    Read more about this.
  • Hurricane Watch Prep September 03rd, 2019:
    Good Morning! As there is still some uncertainty of the level of impact Hurricane Dorian may have here in the Low Country, the Association wanted to mention a few items to keep in mind – hopefully these measures will not be needed but good items to know. To make sure that all the HOA needs are addressed ...
    Read more about this.
  • Storm Prep – Hurricane Dorian September 02nd, 2019:
    Good Morning, As there is still some uncertainty of the level of impact Dorian may have here in the Lowcountry, the Association wanted to mention a few items to keep in mind – hopefully these measures will not be needed, but good items to know. It will be important for all residents to secure all outside items ...
    Read more about this.
  • Hurricane Prep September 02nd, 2019:
    Our team is closely watching the developments of Hurricane Dorian. While we are hoping for the best, in order to be ready as possible, we are preparing for the worst. Preparations have already started within FirstService Residential to provide assistance from national, regional, and local resources should they be needed. Our internal disaster preparedness plan ...
    Read more about this.
  • NOAA Weather Safety: Hurricanes June 26th, 2019:
    Read more about this.
  • SCE&G Hurricane Information September 12th, 2018:
    SCE&G is monitoring Hurricane Florence and will provide updates on outages and subsequent restoration should conditions warrant. Based on current forecasts, the area may experience heavy rain and/or high wind impacts that have the potential to disrupt utility service. Please access the SCE&G website at as well as social media channels for breaking news, outage reports, restoration ...
    Read more about this.
  • Phone numbers to know if a hurricane strikes September 10th, 2018:
    Add these numbers to your phone contacts because they may come in handy if a hurricane drenches the Lowcountry. The S.C. Emergency Management Department recommends fully charging your cell phone and other mobile devices before the hurricane approaches and to limit non-essential calls. And remember, call 911 only for real emergencies. County Resources: Berkeley County Citizen’s Information ...
    Read more about this.
  • Landscape Service Delay July 20th, 2018:
    Due to the rain, the landscapers will not be onsite today. Many will be trying to service properties tomorrow where they can depending on the saturation of the ground.
    Read more about this.
  • Bridges of Summerville – POOL CLOSED 24hrs 6-15-18 June 15th, 2018:
    ATTENTION BRIDGES OF SUMMERVILLE RESIDENTS Due to an incident in your community pool DHEC requires that the pool be closed and treated for 24 hours. The Pool will reopen at 11:00am Saturday, June 16th. Please note that for the younger, non-potty trained children that SWIM DIAPERS ARE REQUIRED BEFORE ENTERING THE POOL.
    Read more about this.
  • Bridges of Summerville – NEW POOL KEY FOB – ACCESS INFORMATION June 11th, 2018:
      Bridges of Summerville Residents,  OLD POOL KEY FOBS HAVE NOW BEEN DEACTIVATED. PLEASE READ: If you were not previously aware, the entry system for the community pool has be changed. As part of that process new pool keys a/k/a pool FOB. An email invitation was sent out Wednesday May 30th to the initial “FOB FEST” this email outlined ...
    Read more about this.
  • Bridges of Summerville – Community Speeding Issue June 01st, 2018:
    Bridges of Summerville Residents, It has been reported that cars are traveling within the community in excessive speeds. You live in a very active community, with kids out for their Summer break and folks walking their pets it is VERY important to drive slowly throughout the community. The recommended speed limit for residential areas by the ...
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  • Maintenance Update May 31st, 2018:
    With all the rain we’ve the turf areas and ponds are saturated. The Greenery is going to use their time to detail beds, shrubs, traffic islands and flower beds.
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Please note that some documents were downloaded from the County and were current as of the date they were downloaded.  They have been scanned via Optical Character Recognition.  They are not certified as complete, and they and ARE NOT THE ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS.  Please consult your closing attorney or the County directly for the most current, accurate complete and legal information.

Bridges Frequently Asked Questions
o Question: Who should I contact when I see something suspicious, cars speeding through the neighborhood, cars running stop signs, people using the amenity center, playground, or common areas that do not live in The Bridges of Summerville? Answer: You should call the Summerville Police Department at (843) 871-2463 or if it is an emergency call 911.

o Question: Who should I contact to report a Covenants & Restrictions violation, ask a questions about the Covenants & Restrictions, or a general question about The Bridges of Summerville? Answer: Contact our Support Team at 843-795-8484 or email at

o Question: Do I need approval to construct a fence, shed, or make exterior changes to my home? Answer: Yes,
all changes to the exterior of the property needs to be submitted to the ARC for review and you must receive written approval prior to commencement. You can contact The Bridges ARC via email at and a complete set of ARC Guidelines are included on this website for additional information.

o Question: Where can I get a copy of the Covenants and Restrictions? Answer: Contact our Support Team at 843-795-8484 or email at The Covenants and Restrictions are also posted at as well as the website along with the bylaws.

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