Our organization had to change property management firms on short notice. CMG, now FirstService Residential, and Alana Richey came on board and hit the ground running to ensure a smooth transition. In a world where service is often a deciding factor in whether a client stays or leaves, the service Alana has provided to us has been spot on for what we need.
Robin, Board Member

I appreciate CMG’s (now FirstService Residential) continued support for our community, and just the overall professionalism that your company brings to our association. I want to say that Alana has been a tremendous addition to our community. She has brought more organization to our association and has a true “knack” for communicating with our homeowners with positive outcomes. She has been able to single handedly attack our receivables with excellent results and has been able to mitigate many situations without escalation. In just a short period of time Alana’s fresh outlook and ability to communicate, has made a tremendous impact, which has effectively enabled our board to continue to do what is best for our community.
Dave, Board President

Ashley, I can’t thank you enough for your superb service to our community. You are always on top of things without being asked. Your organizational skills and forward thinking are the absolute best. I’m confident that I speak for all attendees last night when I say you did a stellar job of running our meeting and keeping it on point. I know everyone left feeling respected, heard, and confident you will be our best manager ever! Thanks so much for all your efforts. I know the new Board can look forward to a great, productive year under your guidance.
D.B., Board Member

I had the good fortune of working with Steve and his staff when he managed our community of 637 homes. As a community we were able to achieve so many wonderful accomplishments due to his leadership. I am hoping that we have the opportunity to work together again in the future. As far as I am concerned, Steve and his excellent staff are the best in the Charleston area for hands on management of communities.
Nadine E., Multi-term Board Officer

When I first started with Epcon Communities as their VP of Operations and took over the responsibilities for the Marrington Villages at Cobblestone, the Community had fallen into a bit of a disarray. Over the last year since Alana has become involved in Marrington the ship has turned and we now have it heading back in the right direction. The HOA board as well as myself appreciate all you do for them! Keep up the great work!
Rich Heareth, Board Member

I thought it was worth mentioning how much I do appreciate the attention to detail you have provided our small community, along with the supreme level of service your managers have given to us while managing our Community. I don’t know if people realize how much you actually do to relieve the huge burden off of board members. You and your team have a thankless job. I wanted to take just a moment to say how grateful and appreciative I am for all CMG, now FirstService Residential, has done. Thank you so much.
Michael G., Board Member

Our change to CMG, now FirstService Residential,  is the best decision we’ve made and the ONLY one I would make as President. They have built a HUGE network and resources. They can get anything done timely, thoroughly and “done right.” Their response to issues is prompt, courteous and again, “done right.” I have enjoyed tremendously our working relationship with our property manager (look at her list of credentials if you want any validation of the talent in the organization!) and her team and Steve Peck.
Board President

I have served on the Association Board on several different occasions since the year 2000. Having endured several different property management companies during that time has at times not been a good experience. Community Management Group, now FirstService Residential, is the best management company we have ever been associated with… the best property manager we have ever had. The way they work with the Board and manage the day to day as well as handle home owner problems is great. Any HOA considering a change to would be wise to do so. They are the best in Charleston.
Bob C., Board Member

I have lived in Egret’s Point for about 20 years. While we have been through some changes of management, CMG, now FirstService Residential, is wonderful to work with and very professional and giving! Love all the landscaping that is kept up so nice!
Melissa G., Homeowner

Today I called your office with a problem and some questions. I spoke with Suzanne Carriere and I was so satisfied with the help she gave that I decided to write you a letter. She was easy to talk with and very willing to help. I believe the way she handled the situation was to go above and beyond what most would do. Everyone that I have spoken with in your company has been wonderful and a pleasure to work with.
Scott H., Board Member

I wanted to thank you for seeing that the mailbox address was replaced on my mailbox. What a surprise!! I came home to find the number sign in pieces on the ground. I picked them up and put them in my mailbox as a reminder to ask about this and I never had to!! Thanks again!
Marilyn E., Homeowner

My wife and I purchased a two bedroom condo several years ago as a weekend retreat. It has served us well in that capacity and we recognize the importance of your staff’s touch on our lives there. What happens to the property matters to us both in terms of the financial investment and quality of life the development provides.  I wanted to drop you a note of thanks for recent efforts toward property improvement. We’ve noticed newly painted dog waste stations, a neglected fence around the mail area nicely replaced, and other activities that demonstrate an interest in keeping the property up.  Many thanks to your staff for their work to identify and act on property maintenance and upkeep. The landscaping and cleanliness of the property consistently rates an A in our book – and we know that does not happen by accident. Again, two residents who appreciate people who try wanted to say thanks.
Carl M., Homeowner

I would like to express my appreciation for Mike Ferrazzano. He has always been a tremendous help to me and the board on issues to do with landscaping, irrigation etc. Mike is wonderful to work with. He is very professional and extremely responsive and creative. Recently, he has gone above and beyond in helping me get the exact right plan for beautifying the front entrance at a price we can afford and helping me to present it in a manner that will encourage the board members to approve it. Again, giving credit where credit is more then due.
K. K., Board Member

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