Commonly Asked Landscaping Questions

 In Oakfield POA

Who is responsible for common areas? 

The Association takes over responsibility of the common areas in phases from the developer. Baytree is the vendor that does both the install of landscaping in common areas and owner lots and the maintenance of the common areas after the phases are turned over. However, there are two different divisions of Baytree – one for install and one for maintenance. 

When a new phase is turned over, you may notice that a section of HOA-owned area may be missed. This is not intentional! There is a learning curve as the crew adjusts to maintaining new areas. Reach out to either myself or your assistant manager, Sharon, and let us know. We will reach out to the vendor so they can address this with the crew. 

Who is in charge of the crew and what does the Association do to check on them? 

Baytree is working on improving their training of crew members. Additionally, they have an additional field manager that will be used for Oakfield. In total, there is a crew chief, field manager, and an account manager. The Association works closely with the account manager on common issues in the community and for updates on service. I meet the account manager routinely on property. 

What do they do during service? 

The landscapers mow, edge, and pine straw common areas that are owned by the Association. A fertilizer treatment was put down in the common areas last week. Between the rain and chemical treatment, we are sure to see green, thick results! Pine straw is applied twice a year. Typically, this is done in April and again in late October/early November. Flowers are installed at the monuments and at the pool. 

What about the trees in front of my home? 

This is a question that Sharon and I get often! There are a few different groups involved with street trees. These are the trees located between the sidewalk and the street. The trees are installed by the developer per the City of Charleston. They are warrantied for one year. Dead/dying trees are not installed or replaced in the summer – it is just too hot! The developer will replace dead/dying trees in the cooler spring and fall months. The trees are inspected by the City of Charleston, and then they take over responsibility for them. This includes trimming and replacement of any damaged or dead trees. The Association is not involved with the street trees. If you have an issue with a street tree, you can report this directly to the City of Charleston Citizen Service Desk

What about the grass and pine straw between the sidewalk and the street? 
This area is referred to the “area of extended lot ownership” in your governing documents (Article I, Section E). This means that this area is to be maintained by the owner of the contiguous lot. In other words, if it is in front of your home, you are responsible for maintaining the mowing, edging, and pine straw in that area. If it is in front of the common area, the Association is responsible for maintaining it. Again, the trees are the responsibility of the City of Charleston. 
Speaking of sidewalks, the orange sidewalks adjacent to common areas in Laurel Glen are scheduled for cleaning on the 24th!  

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