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Landscape Pesticide Concerns

Glyphosate is used only to treat weeds in spot checks and is NEVER broadly sprayed. This not harmful to the children, or pets, and can be walked on with bare feet even minutes after it’s used on the weeds. The landscapers are following the Clemson Agricultural standards and are using only what is allowed for the killing of weeds within grass and is non-harmful to living organisms. This option is more effective and cost less for the community. Signs are put up in the front of the community each time any spraying is done near pond areas, but going forward signs will be put up further into the neighborhood so owners are aware of when they have treated the summer weeds or done a broad leaf treatment.


As landscaping and irrigation are very important topics, your Board and Pleasant Places are planning an Eat and Learn for their experts to come and provide information on all of the work being performed, products they are using and the irrigation systems that are throughout the community. Their experts will conduct demonstrations and present information as well as answer any questions owners may have. The goal is to schedule this in early April. CMG will send out the information in a blast to the entire community.



Oyster Point Community Meeting Reminder 

The Oyster Point Advisory Committee will be holding an open meeting on Tuesday the 27th of March in Brigade Hall at 7pm to share the findings of the community survey you recently participated in and to share the progress made on the issues already identified. This meeting will be for homeowners only and will serve as an open discussion forum so that the Committee can pass along your top concerns to the H.O.A. Board and CMG prior to the annual meeting.

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