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Manager Information and Real-Time Updates:

  • Pond Fountain July 09th, 2014:
    Attention Etiwan Pointe Homeowners:   We’re happy to report that the pond fountain is once again operational.  The Association’s pond vendor reported that the power supply for the pond fountain has been disconnected on several occasions by unknown persons causing the pond to stop functioning.  The Association wanted to alert the community regarding same as we’re not ...
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  • Association Meeting – Insurance Committee Update June 05th, 2014:
    Dear Etiwan Owners, The Insurance Committee has been working continuously with your HOA Board to reach a fair and equitable solution to the construction defects and subsequent damage due to water intrusion and termites.  We are pleased to be moving from the talking phase to the doing phase.  Transparency has always been very important to you and us. ...
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  • VACATION SECURITY CHECKLIST December 02nd, 2013:
    Thieves look for “TARGETS of OPPORTUNITY”. There are many things you can do to avoid becoming a victim when you are going to be away. Mainly, try to give the illusion you are home. Call the police department and ask if it’s possible to have house placed on “Keep-a-Check” list. Have Deadbolt Locks installed on all exterior doors (Single-cylinder ...
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  • Etiwan Pointe Update September 24th, 2013:
    Attention Community Members of Etiwan Pointe: We’re writing to update and alert you on a few items of current and relevant community business: Todd Lasek has resigned from the Board of Directors and we have accepted his resignation. Todd was a dedicated servant of the community for several years and we want to thank him for his ...
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  • Landscaping Service Schedule September 18th, 2013:
    A note from our landscaping vendor regarding the service schedule: Good Morning, We have expanded and are re-routing several of our trucks. The new service day starting this week for Etiwan Pointe will be Thursday. The Greenery of Charleston Jason Colonna Community Manager
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  • ARB Applications August 30th, 2013:
    Please be advised that any modifications to the exterior of your home requires review and approval from the ARB. Applications can be accessed at the community’s website here: . Jason Colonna Community Manager
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  • Fall Webworms August 30th, 2013:
    Fall Webworms Certain species of trees are becoming covered with webs of Fall Webworms recently. Every few years, we’ll have infestations of these pests. It’s been several years since we’ve had a significant invasion, so we are due for one. These are larvae of the Fall Webworm moth, which feed on the outer leaves of trees ...
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  • Labor Day Weekend August 30th, 2013:
    On behalf of your Board of Directors please have a safe and happy holiday weekend and be courteous to your neighbors. Jason Colonna Community Manager
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