Goose Nuisance


Dear Owner(s):
This is a friendly yet serious reminder about the Local and Federal laws regarding Geese. We all know they can be a nuisance; however, they are Federally Protected Migratory Bird. This means they cannot be removed in any way unless a licensed trapper is handling the removal. I spoke with a Federal DNR agent yesterday and he asked that anyone noticing any harm to this animal be reported to the number below. In addition, I spoke to Mt. Pleasant Police Department and it is illegal to discharge ANY type of firearm/BB gun in the town limits. Tupelo lies in their jurisdiction. If you notice or hear of any discharging, please contact the police and they will come out and investigate.

Per the DNR:

If any of your residents witness what they believe to be unlawful behavior towards the geese, please have them call SCDNR’s Operation Game Thief so we can have an officer respond 1-800-922-5431.

Mt. Pleasant Non-Emergency Police Dispatch # 843-884-4176

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