Important Reminders Regarding Wildlife

 In Mallard Crossing

Greetings Mallard Crossing Residents:

You may notice wildlife throughout the community at any time of the year, but now that the weather is warming up, critters are bound to be out and about. Please do not feed the wildlife. Feeding bread to ducks and geese is not a healthy practice for the birds or the ponds. Even more importantly, it is very important to never feed the alligators. Alligators will become accustomed to human interaction and will stay close to the pond shoreline in expectation of receiving food. When they lose their fear of humans, it can be dangerous for anyone nearby and ultimately is a death sentence for the alligator. If an alligator becomes aggressive, please contact management. The alligator will be tested per SCDNR guidelines, but it will NOT be removed and euthanized if it proves to be nonaggressive.

As you are out walking your dogs, please remember to pick up after them! This will help limit the spread of disease, is a common courtesy and is also required by law in South Carolina. Thank you!

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