It’s the Battle of Rain vs Mowing

 In ASHLEY RIVER COMMONS, BLACKSTONE, Coves at Lakes of Cane Bay, Daniel's Orchard, FOXBANK, ISLAND CLUB II, MIXSON PLACE, MOSS CREEK AT GRANDE OAKS, Old Rice Retreat, Palmetto Walk, Reverie on the Ashley, Scotts Mill, WEDGEWOOD TOWNHOMES

With all the rain the LowCountry has experienced in the past couple of weeks, the rain is winning the battle with mowing of the turf.  The Association would rather see taller than normal grass which can be resolved once things dry vs ruts in the turf caused by the mowers which can take many weeks to resolve.  There is also the safety factor when mowing close to ponds and fences to consider. The landscapers are doing what they can in the areas that are safe to cut.  If the weather conditions allow, they will focus on trimming and pruning when onsite and unable to mow.  Thank you for your understanding

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