Jasmine Row Pressure Washing Project


L&M Pressure Washing has let us know they will be onsite starting Monday, April 27th to complete the job. They will start on April 27th on Lazarette Lane and Finish Nautical Chart on the following day if needed. The Board understands homeowner’s concerns with bleach vs bleach alternative. The Board also understands that some homeowners may not want the HOA to pressure wash their home. For this reason, the Board would like to give homeowners the option to opt out of pressure washing.

If you would like to opt out of pressure washing please email JasmineRow.sc@fsresidential.com. Please understand it will be your responsibility to keep the siding of your homes clean.

If you would like to have pressure washing done but would like a bleach alternative please email JasmineRow.sc@fsresidential.com and provide your name and address. 

Homeowners that do not respond to either opting out or bleach alternative will be put on the schedule to have their homes pressured washed with the vendor’s regular solution. Please note that the vendor will be hooking up to each unit (except the units that opted out) to pressure wash. 

The vendor will be pressure washing the siding, railings, porches, and fences of the units. Please make sure to remove any fragile items or items you do not want to get wet from your porches. The vendor will also be washing only the siding on the back patio as long as items are cleared from the patio prior to service and accessible. If you would like your screened patio pressure washed please email JasmineRow.sc@fsresidential.com.  Our office will be sending a reminder closer to the date.

If you are removing the furniture off your patio or screened porch please avoid placing it in the driveway if possible. In the past we received a report that a homeowner had her new porch furniture taken. If you do place your furniture or other items outside your home on the week of pressure washing please make sure to keep an eye on your belongings. 

Please respond back if you wish to opt out, use the bleach alternative, and have the screened patio serviced no later than Thursday, April 23rd in order for our office to gather all requests and send to vendor before the start date.

In addition, there may be some pressure washing extra services homeowners wish to have done that are not HOA responsibility such as side walks and garage aprons. L&M Pressure washing has provided a list of services they can complete when they are onsite. If you would like any of the extra services listed below, please contact L&M Pressure washing directly by Thursday, April 23rd.

Please note any concerns with the pressure washing completed that is part of Jasmine Row’s responsibility will need to be addressed by contacting JasmineRow.sc@fsresidential.com. This is to avoid any confusion with the vendor and for the Association to be able to address any issues quickly with our set point of contact.

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