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We hope this letter finds you well during this uncertain and often confusing time. We are writing today to provide an update about the closure of our swimming pool and playground. As we all continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, the Moss Creek Board has taken several steps to keep our facilities in compliance with government orders and guidelines. Our attorneys and property management company have been instrumental in our decision-making process. We understand that the closure of the pool and playground has been a frustrating inconvenience for many residents. Our goal remains to protect the health of our residents while shielding the Association from liability.

We are pleased to announce that the playground will be re-opened on May 22nd. The playground will be open at your own risk and social distancing is encouraged. You may wish to bring disinfectant to wipe down playground equipment before allowing your child to slide or swing. Please remember to dispose of all waste in the provided trashcans.

On May 11th Governor Henry McMaster announced plans for the re-opening of many types of businesses and facilities, including public pools. This announcement was accompanied by specific guidelines for the re-opening of public swimming pools (attached). This document outlines steps that should be taken to minimize the potential for transmission and spread of COVID-19. The Board has specific concerns about the following guidelines.

  • Facilities should only allow 20% of normal occupancy or 5 people per 1000 square feet of pool and deck area, whichever is less. (This is 33 people for Moss Creek pool)
  • Person-to-person interaction and activities between members of separate households should be limited and social distancing of six feet between them should be practiced.
  • Commonly used surfaces such as bathrooms, doors, handrails, ladders, gates, lawn chairs, drinking water fountains, picnic tables, etc. should be cleaned and disinfected between each use by a different person, or at a minimum, once a day.
  • Hand sanitizer should be provided for use by all staff and visitors.
  • Signs and/or examples of six foot areas related to social distancing should be posted.
  • Remove from service or regularly disinfect sharable equipment (for example, kick boards, floats, etc.)

A staffed swimming pool facility can easily comply with all these guidelines. We believe that an onsite pool attendant would be the only way to comply with all these guidelines. Our facility is not monitored, and our budget does not allow for an onsite pool attendant. The added expense of daily cleaning services/supplies, disinfectant, hand sanitizer, and signage is also not budgeted. For these reasons we have made the difficult decision to keep the swimming pool closed at this time. We hope to re-open the pool as soon as the restrictions have been lifted. We will continue to monitor the guidelines and recommendations of government agencies and seek advice from our attorneys as we move forward. Again, we have made this decision to shield the Association from liability and to ensure that we provide a safe environment for you and your families to enjoy. If you have any questions or comments please send them to

Thank you,

Moss Creek HOA Board

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