MPW – Working Together to Protect Your Water System: A Message from General Manager Clay Duffie

 In Bowman Park, Carolina Park Townhomes, HAMPSHIRE, TUPELO HOA

Mount Pleasant Waterworks’ Operators are continuing to work around the clock to monitor and manage our water resources.  Due to the winter storm, we are experiencing extreme water demands.  As we move through the next few days water lines will begin to thaw; we expect customers to experience leaks in their irrigation systems and water lines once this happens. This will add additional demand on our water system. Working together we can continue to protect our water system and reduce the possibility of widespread water outages.  Customers with irrigation systems are asked to turn off your irrigation system immediately. All customers should continue to monitor your home for leaks. If you notice a leak, turn your water off quickly.

Click Here to Learn How to Turn Off Your Water By Viewing the Video “Your Homes Water Valve Shut Off

We also encourage customers to reduce water use where possible. MPW has additional crews working to assist customers who may not be able to locate their shut-off valves.  If you experience this issue, please contact us at 843.884.9626.

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