North Charleston City Councilman Ron Brinson — District 4 Updates January 18, 2020


Councilman Ron Brinson     
District 4 Updates
   January 17, 2020

Our City’s Public Works team has been working with traffic planners to calibrate the new signal lights on Patriot Boulevard, at the entrances to McKewn and Coosaw Preserve.

The target for operation is Tuesday, January 21.  The initial sequencing, both in the morning and afternoon, will be monitored in the field by planners and engineers. North Charleston police officers also will be present.

These lights relate to a traffic study some 18 months ago. The objectives are to facilitate neighborhood traffic movements into and out of the Joe Pye Elementary School and to provide McKewn and Coosaw Preserve residents left-turn options during the periods of congestion.

And a paramount objective is to improve first responders’ access to the Joe Pye school campus.

Please be patient. There will be new “norms” for motorists.
And please understand that this stretch of Patriot Boulevard at “rush hours” has become a cut-through arterial for motorists seeking faster routing to the interstate system. Traffic studies will continue, and we can anticipate additional changes when the Weber Boulevard project finally connects Patriot to Palmetto Commerce Parkway – even more inducement for the cut-through traffic. We will also be looking at ways to ease congestion hours delays for other subdivisions on Patriot and Wescott.

Hot and Ready!  The long-awaited Krispy Kreme store on Ladson Road will soon open. Hiring is underway. Check in here for the latest updates on this sweet story

Schools Overcrowding and Reassignments – Dorchester School District Two is evaluating overcrowding at several schools, including the over-crowded Joseph R. Pye Elementary School. Approximately 150 Pye students will be reassigned, mostly to Eagle Nest Elementary on River Oaks Drive.  Students in certain neighborhoods will be affected by the changes in attendance reassignments now being considered for the next school year.  You can attend open forums to discuss this on Wednesday, January 22nd at Pye Elementary School or on Thursday, January 23rd at Eagle Nest Elementary School.
Senior Citizens Living Complex – The Planned Development District zoning for the Dorchester Senior Independent and Assisted Living Center at Netherby Lane and Dorchester Road was approved a decade ago. The project is now taking shape. Developers have asked for contemporizing changes that include lowering the age restrictions from 62 to 55, increasing the unit count from 144 to 149, incorporating a “memory” unit, and eliminating a curb-cut access/egress to Dorchester Road. The changes have been approved by the Planning Commission and will be considered for final approval at City Council’s next meeting, Thursday, January 23.

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