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In an effort to continue to give information regarding the Association and common areas, we would like to provide you with information regarding the ponds in Oakfield. 

There are currently 30 ponds in the community! The ponds are treated at least monthly for water quality. The water treatments help to combat algae blooms and organic growth in the ponds. This is a new development, however, and it often takes time for the ponds to “settle” and the organic growth to slow. From August through October, Lake Doctors has been treating the ponds twice a month to help with stabilizing the growth in the ponds. Fish are also used as a natural way to help water quality. 

During the change of seasons in spring and fall, you may see fish kills. This means that there was a sudden change in the oxygen levels in the ponds and it causes the fish to die and float to the surface. When the weather changes or if there is a cool rain in a warm pond, it causes a turnover of warm and cold water in the pond which affects the oxygen levels. 

If there is a pond in the Lowcountry, it is safe to assume that there are also alligators! There is signage at the entrance to each side of Oakfield, but please be aware of your surroundings when around the ponds. You may often see an alligator in the pond or out on the banks getting some sun. The Association cannot “relocate” alligators. If there is a concern that an alligator is overly curious, aggressive, or otherwise showing signs that they have been fed by residents, the Association can have the alligator tested. If the alligator passes the test, they are left alone. If it fails, the alligator is put down. It is illegal to feed or harass alligators.

Some of the ponds are connected to irrigation for the common areas. The Laurel Glen side of the community has a high iron content in the pond used for irrigation. Unfortunately, this has led to the iron staining sidewalks. Lake Doctors is working with the Association to try to find a proactive way to help prevent this in the future. In the meantime, the sidewalks have been cleaned again but additional treatments may be needed. 

There are a few ponds that have experienced some erosion. The shorelines of the ponds did not settle as expected, and the developer is working with the Association to have those concerns resolved. 

The trees and landscaped beds around the ponds will have the second application of pine straw applied soon. This takes place in the spring and fall each year. 

Do you have other questions about the ponds? Let us know at oakfield.sc@fsresidential.com! 

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