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Satellite Dish Application

Annual Meeting Minutes:
Pines at Charleston Park 2019 Annual Meeting Minutes (Opens an email to facilitate ownership confirmation by FirstService Residential staff.)

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Manager Information and Real-Time Updates:

  • Fountains June 25th, 2015:
    The fountains are set to run from 6AM-10PM. Also the lights are on a photo sensor, so sometimes if covered they may not come on for some reason. If you ever notice any issues with the fountains, please alert the management company.
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  • Pines landscaping June 25th, 2015:
    Too wet to cut again today from the rain last night and the irrigation is running this morning. We are working on detail items, pruning, weed control today. The breaker is off for the irrigation hoping it will dry out enough for us to mow tomorrow.
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  • Grills on Patio April 02nd, 2015:
    Hello Pines residents,   We would like to remind all owners, your grills must be kept on your back patio at all times. Please do not store your grills on the grass beyond your patio as this prevents the grass from growing properly and the landscaping company being able to mow or trim in that area. ...
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  • Freezing Temperatures! February 12th, 2015:
    Dear Residents: Winter may finally arrive in Charleston, SC! The temperatures will be dropping into freezing temperatures within the next week. Please take notice of the procedures below to help prevent FROZEN PIPES! What’s worse than a major home maintenance disaster? How about several major home maintenance disasters at once? For the quarter-million families who have their ...
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  • Pines at Charleston Park – Termite Inspection February 09th, 2015:
    Hello Pines residents,   This is a reminder that The Pines at Charleston Park is due for a termite inspection and Target Termite would like to schedule inspections for the units. They will be in the area for 2 more days this week so please schedule your appointment. They will need access to inspect the inside of ...
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  • Police Investigate Dozens of Daytime Burglaries in Summerville Area (courtesy of News 2) February 02nd, 2015:
    SUMMERVILLE, SC – In Summerville, police say since December 1st there have been about 30 burglaries – and what’s suspicious about many of them is that they are happening during the day. News 2 spoke with Captain John Rogers of the Summerville Police Department who thinks it’s two separate groups breaking into homes for a quick ...
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  • 2015 Assessment Reminder January 12th, 2015:
    Hello Pines residents, Hope your New Year is off to a great start. Please remember, your January monthly assessment was due on January 1, 2015. The monthly Assessment is considered late after January 15, 2015. Just as a reminder, you can pay your HOA assessment in several ways: 1) Detach the bottom portion of your statement and mail ...
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  • Smoke Detectors and Extinguishers August 18th, 2014:
    Hello All!   As we approach the end of the year, please remember to check your smoke/carbon monoxide detectors annually and replace the batteries if needed. It is also important to have a fire extinguisher in your home. If you already have an extinguisher, it is good idea to monitor the pressure on the canister every 6-12 ...
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  • Rescheduled Annual Meeting August 08th, 2014:
    The Pines HOA board has rescheduled the annual meeting for Saturday August 16th at 10am. It will be held at the amenity shelter.
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  • Emergency Preparedness-Better Safe Than Sorry! June 13th, 2014:
    Here are some helpful tips to prepare your property and family for hurricanes or other natural disasters. For more information about emergency preparedness, what evacuation zone you live in, what to put in an emergency kit, etc. please visit Check into flood insurance. You can find out about the National Flood Insurance Program through your home insurance ...
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  • Pines at Charleston Park Annual Meeting June 13th, 2014:
    The Pines HOA will be holding an Annual Meeting on Saturday June 14 at the Amenity Shelter starting at 10am. Attendance is highly encouraged!
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  • Pines Rules and Regulations June 04th, 2014:
    It has come to the attention of the HOA that many homeowners and renters may not have received a copy of the Covenants, Rules and Regulations for the Pines at closing. The HOA wants to ensure all homeowners and tenants are well informed of the rules that govern the HOA. You may find a text ...
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  • Hurricane Awareness Week! May 19th, 2014:
    Please click on the link provided to get information about hurricane/emergency preparedness workshops that are taking place this week in Dorchester County. “Better Safe than Sorry”.
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  • Tis the Season for Snakes!! May 07th, 2014:
    As the weather continues to warm up, snakes are coming out seeking warmth and food. Please observe the snake awareness and safety guidelines below. If you have questions or concerns about snakes, please call your local animal control. • Most snake species in the Southeast are harmless and all bite only in defense. • Risk of snakebite is exaggerated. ...
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  • 2014 Annual Meeting April 23rd, 2014:
    The 2014 Annual Meeting will be held on Friday May 9, 2014 at the amenity shelter at 7pm. Meeting notice and proxies have been sent to all homeowners. Once received, please send in your proxy even if you plan on attending the meeting.
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