Etiwan Owners and Guests:


Recently, the association received questions and feedback regarding maintenance and some neighborhood concerns as it relates to the community standards.


Community participation and input is appreciated and encouraged. Your feedback can be submitted to the HOA and board at any time by sending to .


The Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions outlines that the HOA is responsible for replacing the roofs in the community when they reach the end of their normal life expectancy limited to shingles, felt and flashing. Maintenance along the way such as leaks, damaged or missing shingles or work related to the roof support system are an owner responsibility to address. The roofs were replaced not long ago and there is a warranty in place. The warranty is issued to and held by the unit owners themselves for each unit which is owned fee simple. If you have a warranty issue, please refer to the warranty that was provided by Watkins Services in Myrtle Beach and contact them directly to facilitate a claim.


Window maintenance, repairs, issues or replacements are handled by unit owners to include window frames and related components.


Regarding work at the entrance area by DOT, the following was shared with the HOA and is a work in progress by DOT:


The Platform [was] erected behind the columns in an attempt to shield it from view to the greatest extent possible. That said, we acknowledge that the column alone could not completely obscure it from view.  The work should be contained wholly within SCODT [sic] Rights-of-way, but we do endeavor to be good neighbors to the extent reasonable.  As such we intend to paint the structure a dark color, possibly a forest green or black and provide vegetative plantings.  While the specifics of color and plant species are still being developed, the intent will be to mute the overall color and provide a reasonable visual screen to reduce its overall aesthetic impact. 


Pine straw will be applied in the coming weeks. The HOA is considering rebidding the landscaping contract and is working with the neighboring HOA’s at Etiwan to see of cost savings may be at-hand based on all three communities soliciting bids.


When each residence in Etiwan Pointe is purchased, at closing, the new owners are provided with an agreement that legally binds them to know and follow the CCR’s of the community. The CCR’s are also publicly recorded.


If an owner chooses to rent their unit, they will be held responsible for the actions of their tenants as much as if the landlord was living there themselves. We all purchased our townhomes at Etiwan because of the natural beauty and the possibility of quiet enjoyment for all the residents. The only way this system works is if everyone understands and complies with the rules. (Any rules can be changed if necessary but that would require a super majority vote of the owners.) The CCR’s are standard for a community of our size and basically just ask that we be considerate of our neighbors.


Violations will get two warnings to the owner. After that, fines may be issued to ensure compliance. Liens on the property add clout to those that just do not get that we are a community with very basic rules for being good neighbors.


CMG tours the community once per week and cites any violations present. Their tour is only a snapshot in time, however. If you observe violations, these can be reported confidentially by sending a message to .


With that said, here is a list of the most often occurring violations that may invoke a violation and can lead to a fine:


  • Commercial vehicles parked on the property to include vehicles with any commercial markings


  • Boats, trailers, motorcycles parked anywhere other than in garages


  • Toys, play equipment, dog poop, vehicles left in yards – No basketball hoops


  • Banners, towels, empty pots, etc. left on front porches


  • Any parking spaces on the street are for short term use and visitors. They are not to be dominated by any residents. Cars should be parked in the garages. Driving or parking on grassy areas not allowed. Parking on curb, sidewalk, or grassy curb area is not permitted.


  • Unleashed or loud persistent barking dogs are not allowed; Pet droppings must be cleaned up by the pet owner


  • Loud parties that violate Mt. Pleasant’s livability laws are not allowed


  • Trash cans must be stored in garage


  • No changes to the landscaping and/or alterations to the exterior of your unit without HOA approval


  • Garage to be kept closed when not in use


  • Driveways should be kept free of oil and rust stains


  • Yard art and flags other than the American flag need HOA approval



Thank you for taking these rules to heart and making Etiwan Pointe a great place to live.




Etiwan Pointe Board of Director

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