Spring arrived a bit sooner then expected……

 In BLACKSTONE, Coves at Lakes of Cane Bay, Daniel's Orchard, FOXBANK, MIXSON PLACE, MOSS CREEK AT GRANDE OAKS, Old Rice Retreat, Palmetto Walk, Scotts Mill

As Spring returns to the Lowcountry and brings us warmer weather, it also brings the growing season with pollen and those pesky weeds we see popping up at our driveways, sidewalks and lawns. Spring is also Mother Nature’s call to us to begin “Spring Cleaning” around our homes. This is a good time of year to begin buttoning up any exterior maintenance items to include pressure washing, repairing loose shutters, touching up painted surfaces that may have faded or begun to peel, cleaning and repairing fencing and applying weed control to your lawn and cracks in your front walks and driveways. Trash cans should be stored behind your home or in your enclosed garage. Grills, bicycles, toys and other equipment should be stored out of sight when not in use. Residents and guests should park in driveways, not on grassy areas or in yards that can create unsightly ruts in the turf. Street parking is also strongly discouraged as this can inhibit safe passage by others within the community and cause life changing delays in Emergency Response situations.

Please be aware that your Association also requires each homeowner obtain written approval prior to initiating any exterior modification to their home/lot. Exterior modifications that require prior written approval include but are not limited to installation of fencing, trash can enclosures, porch/patio/sunroom additions/modifications, outbuilding/shed structures (if permitted), playsets, trampolines (if permitted), basketball goals (if permitted), dog houses/runs (if permitted), garage additions/modifications, driveway extensions, any change from the original exterior color scheme, roofing, siding, entry doors, garage doors, light fixtures, etc., landscaping borders/pavers, tree removal, new tree installation, and any change to bedded areas on your lot to include change in bed size, shrub/tree plantings and replacement of pine straw with mulch or rock (if permitted). Proceeding with any exterior modification without prior written approval by your Association is considered a violation per your governing documents and can result in escalating fines and possible further legal action by your board of directors. Architectural Review Request forms are available on your community’s webpage, along with frequent updates and other important information regarding your Association.

The purpose of covenants enforcement by your Association is to ensure community standards are adhered to by everyone in order to protect your investment and maintain property values. If you should receive a letter regarding a violation and the issue has been corrected or you need a little more time to address, please be sure to contact our office at your earliest convenience as outlined in the letter. We’re here to help and happy to assist you. Thank you!

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