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Attention Spring Grove Plantation Residents,

The Association would like to take a moment to remind everyone that Pool Attendants were hired as of July 1st as a result of numerous complaints regarding individuals outside the community trespassing at the pool, in addition to numerous complaints of residents not following Pool Rules while at the amenity center area.

Please be reminded that only residents in good standing are permitted to use the pool/amenity area. Residents are required to have their activated pool fob to access the pool gate and must sign-in with the pool attendant immediately upon entering the pool deck area. Residents in good standing are permitted up to three (3) guests at the pool. Only one (1) pool fob is permitted per household. Residents are required to have their pool fob in their possession at all times while visiting the pool/amenity area. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE YOUR ACTIVATED POOL FOB, YOU WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO ENTER THE POOL/AMENITY AREA.

Anyone in violation of Pool Rules will be asked to leave and will be subject to loss of their pool/amenity privileges, in addition to a possible Notice of Trespass being issued by Berkeley County Sheriff’s office. Anyone harassing or heckling the Pool Attendants in any manner will be asked to leave the facility immediately and will be reported to Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office.


WHO CAN USE THE POOL: The pool is provided for the enjoyment of homeowners who have paid all assessments and their accompanied guests. Pool use is denied until annual dues have been paid and guests are limited to three (3) non -residents for each property owner (homesite). Children under the age of 16 and all guests must at all times be accompanied by an adult homeowner whose assessments are current. An adult is described as being 18 years of age or older.  PETS are not permitted within the fenced area surrounding the pool.

POOL HOURS ARE 8:00am to 8:00pm or dark, whichever occurs first during the swim season. There is NO NIGHT SWIMMING ALLOWED PER DHEC. NO SMOKING allowed. NO GLASS CONTAINERS of any kind are permitted in the pool area or the cabana/pavilion area. There will be no exceptions to this rule. Any fine by DHEC shall be assessed to the violating party. There will be NO DRUGS, FIREARMS or PROFANITY allowed in the pool or cabana/pavilion areas.

SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK Neither the Association, the Developer nor the Management Company assumes responsibility or liability for loss, injury, accident or death. No diving is permitted!

ENTRANCE TO THE POOLis through the gate only! PLEASE DO NOT SLAM THE GATE AS THIS DAMAGES THE LOCK. Swinging on the gate or climbing over the gate or the fence is prohibited. The gate and bathrooms are accessible via the activated pool fob assigned to your property address.

PROPER CLOTHING i.e. no jeans and SWIM DIAPERS are at all times required for infants and small children while in the pool. DIAPERS are NOT to be deposited in the waste cans at the facility and MUST be removed from the site when you depart. Proper swimwear for children and adults is required in this family recreational area.

CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF, YOUR CHILDREN & GUESTS! Please respect the pool facilities & property. If receptacles are provided, all trash must be placed in these receptacles. Annual dues allocate monies for once-a week cleaning of bathrooms only! Any property damage due to the fault of, or negligence by, a member, member’s family or guests must be replaced at the member’s expense. Any damage should be reported to the management office via email: springgroveplantation.sc@fsresidential.com or by calling (843) 795-8484.

POOL CLOSURE Signs will be posted notifying members of any pool closings and signs must be obeyed.

UNSANITARY CONDITIONS such as when defection is released in the pool require IMMEDIATE closing of the pool. Contact the Management office or Certified Pool Operator listed on the pool rules sign to report an incident IMMEDIATELY. The pool will remain closed until DHEC certifies it is safe. Swimming is prohibited by those persons with infectious skin diseases such as chicken pox, measles, etc., persons with open wounds or skin rashes.

TELEPHONE USE, LIFE PRESERVERS AND BODY HOOKS The pool equipment is for emergency and maintenance use and are  not to be used as toys. The pool phone does not require money to dial 9-1-1!

NO RUNNING OR ROUGH_HOUSINGin the pool and cabana areas! SUPERVISION OF CHILDREN by parents and/or accompanying adult is necessary for safety and to prevent damage to the facility and the pool area equipment. Homeowners are responsible for damages caused by their children or guests.

POOL TOYS such as balls and rafts should be used with consideration for others. An adult can request that pool toys be removed from the pool at any time.  RADIOS/MUSIC should not disturb other pool guests or residents in close proximity to the pool complex. No coins allowed in pool as this will damage the pool surface.

BICYCLES Wheeled vehicles, with the exception of wheelchairs and baby strollers are not permitted in the fenced pool area. Bikes, skateboards, scooters, roller blades, etc., are to be left parked outside the fenced area surrounding the swimming pool but not blocking the gate or walkway.

PARKING is limited to the paved or gravel parking area by the pool, the grass is for overflow parking only. Cars parked on the grass or on the roadway in a manner that is deemed to be a hazard may be towed at the owner’s expense.

REPLACEMENT OF A LOST KEY FOB is through the Management office via the online request web page: https://fsresidentialcharleston.com/lostkeys/. There is a $50 charge for replacing a key FOB.   A pool key FOB will only be provided to homeowners who are current in their annual HOA dues.

PLEASE NOTE* The Board of Directors may revoke the use of privileges of any property owner(s) for a specified period of time for non-compliance with any of the published rules for the use of the common area facilities, whether due to a negligent, deliberate or willful act or behavior. Any and all penalties will be determined by the Board of Directors for these acts or behavior or for any act of vandalism by a homeowner, a minor or a guest of a property owner. The sponsoring property owner shall be responsible for actions of their family or guest and may lose his or her privileges or be asked to compensate the Association for any and all damages.

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