Spring is Here!


Dear Homeowners,


CMG and your HOA board would like to let everyone know that spring is upon us and with that there are some community reminders they would like to send out to everyone to help the community look its best and make sure that everyone is abiding by the governing documents.

First off please remember that the governing documents of the community can be found at the following: www.fsresidentialcharleston.com. Then go to Your HOA, then Your Community Page and finally select your Community.

To go along with that please remember that outside modifications to your home will most likely require an ARB/ARC form to make sure that all homes are in compliance with the governing documents. This helps to maintain the high level standards of the homes and also the property values of your homes! The ARB/ARC form can be found under Your Community Page as well.

Keep it Clean

Please remember homes require routine maintenance as necessary to keep the homes in good condition. Please make sure you doing your part in the community to make sure the following are done this spring to keep your home looking the best it can!


  • Lawn and turf maintenance
  • Pressure washing of your home
  • Keeping your driveway clean
  • Changing light bulbs on your exterior
  • Fence up keep (cleaning, repairs)
  • Mailbox repairs


CMG and your HOA Board work hard to make sure the community standards are upheld. This helps to ensure safe and happy living within the community. They appreciate everyone’s cooperation and would also like to remind everyone to pass along this info to any tenants at your homes!

Thank you very much!

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