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Good Afternoon Homeowners,

Hazard Weather Guide
While we wish for the best for everyone involved in this storm it’s important that we take a moment to make sure we are prepared.


Hurricane Watch – In the event of a Hurricane Watch you should prepare your home and review your plan for evacuation. Listen closely to instructions from local officials.
Hurricane Warning – In the event of a Hurricane Warning finish preparations and immediately leave the area if directed by local officials.
Extreme Wind Warning –Take immediate shelter in the interior portion of a well-built structure.
Flooding – Be aware of potential flooding areas, do not drive through flooded areas, do not walk through flooded areas, prepare your home for flood waters.

Evacuation Zones
(What zone am I in?)
It’s very important that you know what specific evacuation zone your home falls under. Knowing and using your zones proper evacuation route will increase timeliness and effectiveness of your evacuation. For more information on where your zone is and your evacuation route please visit

Being Prepared
Here are a few of the key items for preparedness:
1. Know your evacuation route and zone.
2. Know where you are headed when you are evacuated (friends, family, hotel).
3. Fuel up vehicles before you leave.
4. Turn off gas, water, and electricity to your home.
5. Remove outside furniture to prevent damage during high winds.
6. Charge your mobile devices.
7. Stay tuned to the local radio station for emergency information.
8. Pack all medications.
9. Be alert and cautious at all times.
10.Have a basic disaster kit (items for this kit may be found at
Our four legged friends are an important part of our family, it is important to include them in our emergency preparation plans. Food, water, medications, ID tag, leash, toys, treats, and anything else that would be important in making your pet safe should be made ready.
Your pet’s safety is your responsibility during a disaster or emergency. If evacuation is necessary, not all shelters will accept pets due to health reasons. Know which shelters take pets and if yours doesn’t, find an alternative such as a pet friendly hotel.

More Information
The information contained in this document was pulled from South Carolina Emergency Management Division’s website. You can find this information and much more @

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