Swygert's Landing 2018 Annual Meeting

Swygert's Landing Property Owners Association 2018 Annual Members Meeting
January 9th, 2019 at 6:00pm
Berkeley Electric Cooperative


The undersigned lawful property owner in Swygert's Landing Property Owners Association does hereby submit this proxy to be used for quorum purposes and appoints: or if left blank, the President, as my proxy to act on my behalf and to cast all votes which the undersigned is entitled to cast at the Annual Meeting and at any and all adjournments thereof with full power of substitution, as follows.

My proxy shall have the full right to vote in accordance with his/her discretion regarding election of Board members and other items on the Agenda that may lawfully come before the Association membership at this meeting. This proxy may be used for establishment of a quorum and is revocable by filing a subsequent proxy form, or by my presence at the meeting. The proxy automatically terminates after the meeting or any adjournments thereof.

The undersigned has/have executed this proxy on .

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Property Owner's Name:   

PLEASE COMPLETE No later than January 8th, 2019

Community Management Group, Administrative Manager for Swygert's Landing Property Owners Association
349 Folly Road, Suite 2B, Charleston, SC 29412

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