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Below is the most recent project update and link to the City of Hanahan’s webpage for updates regarding the multi-purpose trail planned for the Tanner/Foster Creek area in Hanahan.

City Council Project Notes:

Recent Activity: The project went out for bid in May and three total submittals were received on the May 31,2016 deadline.  All three bids were over budget with the lowest bid being 160% of budget.  Staff met with SCDOT, our project manager from BCDCOG, and Engineers from CDMSmith to make adjustments to the project scope to prepare to go back out for bid.

Scope:  The current base bid for the project begins just past the Gardens subdivision on Tanner Ford Boulevard and runs to Weavers Way (Sweetgrass Subdivision).  This section is approximately .7 miles (3,600ft.) and is 10’ in width.

The original bid package included a trail section from Weaver’s Way to Williams Lane.  This section is approximately .3 miles (1,700ft.).  The city is committed to making a connection to Williams Lane in Phase I and that decision will be made after base bids are received.

Funding:  The funding is as follows: $257,618.40 SCDOT Enhancement Grant / $66,400 matching contribution from Berkeley County / $30, 206.90 contribution from the City of Hanahan for a total budget of $354,225.30.

What’s next: SCDOT currently has the revised bid package for approval and has communicated submitting comments back to us this Thursday (8/25).  Once comments are resolved/addressed (if any), SCDOT will give the approval to advertise for award and construction.  If no unforeseen issues, the plan is to advertise for bid in September with a total project length of 22 – 24 weeks for bidding and construction.



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