The amenity center is secured by a unique access system.  You need a special magnetic key and a regular metal key for access.

To use the magnetic key, place it on the stainless steel plate so that the arrow on your key points to the upper right, then slide it to the upper right corner. (a little odd, we agree)

To get into the pool area, you need only have your magnetic key.  To get into the baths, you need your metal key.

To get into the building, you need both.  use your magnetic key, then your metal key within 20 seconds.

Access into the amenity building is only through the front door.  Why? Good question.

The idea is to prevent wet children from running into the amenity center, and to keep all pool traffic going through the main pool gate.  Parents can relax poolside comfortably, and keep an eye on one access point knowing that their kids can’t get into trouble in the amenity center or run into the parking lot from the building.

Additionally, this key function is the only way to economically secure the building and allow for remote alarm activation.  The doors are all self-closing and self-locking.  People may leave the building through the back door and the bathrooms, but they must return with both keys to the front door.

This said, if you reserve the amenity center, you may check out from CMG an enhanced key to allow two-way passage through the interior bathroom doors.  This is especially helpful for adult night-time parties.

Your keys are provided via D. R. Horton during the initial closing process and must be conveyed to any subsequent owner at the subsequent closing.  If you did not receive one during your closing, you should contact your closing coordinator.

There is a $50 charge for lost keys payable to The Farm at Wescott.  This is set high to partially offset the outrageous cost to re-key and re-card the facility.

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